27 मई, 2007

God is the creator of this spiritual world

The truth behind everyone's existence is God. He is the beginning of everything in this universe.It doesn't matter at all that one believes in God or not..the truth is that God exists.Whatever we feel is a miracle is in reality not a miracle but God.
Existence of God doesn't mean that all our wishes will be granted.God sees neither our desires nor our needs.God grants us only those things,those wishes which give our lives a new turn.
God is the peace of our mind, our soul.In the absence of a peaceful mind, if we see God with a hundreds of desires and see whether our wishes are granted or not,our mind will remain disturbed only.But if we understand our responsibilities and carry them out properly,then definitely we will attain peace.Worshipping God doesn't mean taking his name a thousand times or spending money on buying his grand idols but it means to care for the poor,weak people.It means to understand the meaning of our existence, to understand the work for which God has sent us in this beautiful world.
There is no point in explaining the existence of God to those who try to find scientific reasons behind evrything and who put a question mark on the name and existence of God.The one who questions on God's existence, he himself is born in the circle created by God, grows and dies in that circle only, still he remains untouched by the light of God.
God is wisdom, God is feelings,God is love. God means sympathy, God means giving.
God doesn't mean "self" , doesn't mean "being proud" , doesn't mean "anger".
God can be found only when we find the main purpose behind our life and fulfill that purpose.

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