27 मई, 2007


People relate meditation with the process that is described in various books on meditation.But the methods described in these books are difficult to understand.
Meditation should be explained in such manner that even a child can easily do it.
Meditation is the process by which all our conscience arise and a person is able to find solution to all his problems.
Meditation helps us in achieving peace.If one does it regularly then all the ill thoughts that comes in ones mind(which is very natural - no one in this world can say that he had never had any ill thought in his mind) stop coming and ur mind gets rest.
For achieving success while meditating one should not be conscious about what one is doing. Results won't come in 1-2 days..it will take time but if one does it sincerely the positive results are sure.
A small way of simple meditation that you can do anytime and anywhere :-
Leave yourself free..Let air surround you..
After a while you will find that you are in complete silence, there might be noise around you but you will be in complete peace. You will feel yourself as light as air.And at that point you will be with only and only your feelings and experiences. These feelings and experiences will vary from person to person.If you want to feel this and understand this, meditate as per your will and wish.
If you want to understand life, if you want to know that what is there after life? If you have worries and tensions, Then devote some time for meditation with honesty.
There is nothing to learn in meditation. Just start doing it and you will achieve success. Your heart will be your teacher.Meditation only requires Belief -
Believe in yourself and start meditating...
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